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Whether you are a large scale International Corporation, a small business or an individual private client, CPV Audit will assist you in minimizing your tax liability by reducing the risk of non-compliance with tax rules, and by identifying further tax saving opportunities.

Cyprus has one of the lowest corporation tax rate (12,5%) in Europe providing substantial tax incentives for international investors. The island has signed tax treaties with the elite countries  and largest economies, providing investors security in their cross border transactions. Tax is one of cornerstones of our services, and our tax team have detailed knowledge of the tax laws and the double taxation treaties.

Handling of Tax Liabilities
The CPV Audit team manages tax liabilities on behalf of our clients and ensures accurate transmissions to the tax department, including fines and interest (if any).  We prepare all relevant tax assessments for a client, including income tax, special defence contribution and GeSY, and guarantee that they are settled on time.
Filing of Tax Returns
Our team closely follows tax law changes and alerts customers to these changes in advance. We prepare and submit tax declarations on behalf of its clients, companies and individuals.  Additionally, CPV Audit carries capital statements, capital gains tax declarations and tax declaration review.
Tax Compliance
Our skilled tax team closely follows tax law changes and alerts customers to these changes in advance. Additionally, CPV Audit ensures that clients comply with the direct and indirect tax systems. We guarantee that our customers adhere to all deadlines and as a result avoid unnecessary fines and penalties due to late submission.
Tax Planning
CPV Audit tax team is competent in developing tailor-made tax structures (SPVs) and in assisting with international tax planning including the use of Double Taxation Treaties and Arm’s Length principle. We are competent to advices on the VAT implications of cross-border transactions, on applications of the reverse charge principles, and tax risk exposure.


  • I have had the pleasure of working with CPV Audit for the last 12 years. It is without question that their name accurately defines the level of service they provide. Every encounter I have had with CPV Audit over the years resonates positivity, right from the simplest of email correspondence to the more complex client related issues be it discussed via email, over the phone or in person. This makes it a very easy and rewarding experience to work with or collaborate with CPV Audit, because you are guaranteed solutions in a timely manner and exemplary attention to detail.
    Kwadwo Aidoo
    Senior Accountant, Crystal Cyprus Corporate & Finance Services Ltd
  • We have been cooperating with CPV Audit since the first day of our establishment. For us, at Eurosuccess Consulting, CPV Audit is a valuable partner, who is always available to support and guide us concerning any accounting and audit issue, at any given point!
    Giorgos Giorgakis
    Managing Director, G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Ltd
  • The most significant benefit of working with CPV Audit for over 5 years is their level of service and expertise. They know rules and regulations and keep us up to tax dates. CPV Audit is accommodating to the needs and budget of our company while also doing a great job. We appreciate the opportunity to receive critical financial information and the trusted expert opinion on our business cases. Without any doubt, I would recommend them for any financial service that they provide to clients.
    Tigran Aristakesyan
    Chief Accountant, ACINT Management Limited
  • Mr Antonis is always reliable person, always on his time. Very enjoyed working with him and on behalf of Youth Club of Russian Compatriots and the Representative of Roosotrudnichestvo in the Republic of Cyprus we express our appreciation to the professional, specialist and also friend. We are always looking forward to our next collaboration and potential next project on money laundering.
    Diana Borisova
    Co-chair, Youth Club of Russian Compatriots


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